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    Direct all questions during bidding to Turner Construction via rchernandez@tcco.com, attention Ryan Hernandez. 
    Mike Owens of Turner Construction Company sent The Entire Project a message about
    Kaiser Santa Rosa BHC – BG #2
    Kaiser Santa Rosa BHC – BG #2
                            06.40 – Casework
                            08.10 – Doors, Frames and Hardware
                            08.30 – Operable Partitions
                            08.41 – Interior Glazing
                            09.20 – Framing, Drywall and Insulation
                            10.20 – Misc. Specialties
                            21.00 – Fire Protection
    RE:       INVITATION TO BID     
    You are invited to submit your Proposal for the above referenced project:
    1.               PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
    The Behavior Health Center Project is a tenant improvement project at approximately 30,000 SF of build out on the 2nd story of a two story building. There are approximately 60 provider offices. This is a LEED certified project. The Project requires a 100% union work force.
    2.         PROPOSALS:    Proposals on Turner’s Bid Form (Item No. 05) with separate Prices for each Alternate and Unit Price (as applicable) are to be submitted to (via email or delivery):
                                        Turner Construction Co.
                                        300 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Suite 510
                                        Oakland, CA 94612
                                        PH: 510-267-8100
    FX:  510-267-8214
             NOTE:TurnerPrequalification packages may be obtained, email your request to avalencia@tcco.com.  If you think that your company has already submitted this document, please contact Ana Valencia and confirm at 510-267-8228 or avalencia@tcco.com.
    4.         SAFETY: ALL SUBCONTRACTORS & SUB TIER SUBS SHOULD HAVE A WORKERS COMPENSATION MODIFICATION RATE OF 1.00 OR LESS. Subs that do not will be required to submit Safety Information for an EMR Exception and work with Turner on a Project Specific Safety Action Plan.     
    Pre-Bid RFI’s are due by Thursday, September 28, 2016 at 5:00 pm. Direct all questions during bidding to Turner Construction via rchernandez@tcco.com, attention Ryan Hernandez
    6.         Pre-Bid Conference and Walk:No walk is scheduled at this time.
    7.         ARCHITECT:     Hawley Peterson Snyder Architects
    8.         OWNER:           Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc.
    9.         BID DOCUMENTS:
                The bid documents, all of which are a part of the contract, include;
    ·        Attachment A List of Drawings
    ·        Attachment B1-4
    ·        Attachment B5 – Scope of Work
    ·        Attachment D – Insurance Requirements
    ·        Formula for Changes
    ·        Sub Procedures Manual
    ·        Norcal EH&S Manual
    ·        Site Logistics Plan
    ·        Project Schedule
    ·        Accelerated Payment Plan
    ·        EEO Policy
    ·        Turner Policy Against Harassment
    ·        Bid Drawings and Specs.
    ·        Waste Management Plan
    ·        Bid Form
    ·        Form 36 Turner Agreement
    Bid documents are available on Building Connected. Some documents may be issued via an Addendum.
    10.       SUBCONTRACT FORM: The form of subcontract will be Subcontract Form 36 (rev. 7/13), without modification. (Reference Item No. 07)
    11.            BONDING: No Bonds are required. Subguard will be provided through Turner Construction.  
    12.            INSURANCE PROGRAM:Subcontractors to provide Workman’s Compensation, General Liability and Automobile insurance per Attachment D (Item #11).
    13.            EEO: All bidders are advised that they are subject to the requirements of Executive Orders 11246 and 11375, issued by the Federal Government as amended, and all other applicable laws, rules, and regulations to ensure Equal Employment Opportunity.
    14.            OSHA TRAINING:At least one of your key personal on site shall be OSHA 30 hour certified within the past three years.  If not, your lump sum proposal is to include the cost for the Turner/OSHA 30-Hour Safety Certification training course via The Turner Knowledge Network (TKN).
    1)     The cost is five hundred ninety-five dollars ($595.00) per person plus the cost of the time, 30 hours, for the training.
    2)     Your supervisory staff will be required to show evidence of this certification no more than three (3) months after written notification of award.
    3)     Detailed instructions explaining how to register and take the course will be attached to your written notification of award.
    4)     Failure to comply with this requirement will be deemed a material breach of your contract and subject to all of the terms and conditions therein.
    5)     Alternately, you can show that your key field supervisory staff has completed another industry recognized OSHA 30-Hour Safety Certification training course within the past three years. 
    Note: If the certification expires any time during the course of construction when you are actively performing your work, you will be required to show evidence of successfully taking the TKN 30-Hour Safety Certification training for all key field supervisory staff.  Any and all costs associated with the certification and/or re-certification will be required to be included in your base bid proposal. 
    15.       Accelerated Payment Plan (APP):As part of Turner’s commitment to deliver the highest value of construction services to its clients, selected Providers may participate in an APP which will offer Providers the option to receive expedited payment on their invoices.  Turner believes the APP will offer Providers substantial benefits including payment timing, a low cost of capital and an alternative source to meet working capital needs. Any Provider that has been pre-qualified by Turner Procurement to work on Turner projects will be eligible to participate in the APP, although Turner reserves the right, at its sole discretion based upon Turner’s good faith belief that exclusion is appropriate, to exclude any Provider, at any time, whether before or after Provider’s enrollment in the APP. Reference Item 19.1 and 19.2 in the bid documents for additional information.
    16.       SELECTION:Turner and the Owner reserve the right to accept or reject any and all proposals.  
    17.       PROPOSALS: Proposals are to be firm quotations; no escalation of any kind will be allowed. Submitted bids are to be valid for acceptance for a period of sixty (60) days.
    Project Details
    Sender Details
    Mike Owens
    Procurement Manager – Bay Area • (510) 267-8157 • mowens@tcco.com
    Turner Construction Company
    300 Frank H Ogawa Plaza, 510, Oakland, CA 94612
    © Copyright 2016 BuildingConnected.com. All Rights Reserved.
    535 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


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