8 things to know before you buy your plane ticket

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    Are you going to buy a plane ticket? Pay attention to the prices charged in travel agencies on airline sites. Behind the bargain can hide a good fare, a galley in stopovers, travel time …

    Should I buy my ticket in advance? At the last moment ? Small revision of 8 things to know to avoid false good ideas and be able to contest delay, cancellation or overbooking.

    1. Buy your ticket at least 7 months in advance

    For international flights it is better to buy your ticket between seven and eight months in advance. It’s the right timing to find the best prices on regular airlines. The economic model of the low cost companies obliges them to adapt permanently to the proposed offers. The same airline ticket can be worth up to four times its base price depending on the date of purchase and current promotions.
    Our advice : subscribing to newsletters gives priority to receiving current and future promotions. The offers are limited in number and time, so it is better to be the first served.

    2. Give priority to search engines and comparators

    It saves time and above all it allows to have a first vision of the prices practiced over a given period. For a Paris New York flight, 15 airlines serve the destination from France, so you can either go to the websites of each airline or have a first idea by browsing the different price comparisons like Kayak, Google Flight Search or Liligo, then leaves to return to the site of the company chosen to book.
    3. Book and travel in staggered

    The best offers from the airlines are mainly on the least busy times of the year on the destination. When it is possible to travel outside school holidays, prices fall by up to 40%. The peak of search and purchase of tickets being done on weekends, it is better to book during the week. Some companies charge different rates depending on whether you are on weekdays or weekends. Better, sometimes a few minutes of reflections in front of his screen are enough to increase prices.
    Our advice: If you can, do the same research of another computer you will often be surprised at the difference.

    4. Check if your company is not blacklisted

    It is recommended to avoid the companies mentioned in the black list of the European Union . When buying a ticket on a company A, we generally expect to travel on this company A. Now, with the alliance policies, and the code share, a company can sell under his own name on a flight operated by a B company.
    Code sharing can be catastrophic when it is done with companies of different nationalities, and especially if the company is not European. In this case, it will be more difficult to challenge the courts, a delay or a cancellation. Our advice: Whenever possible take the round trip on the same company (European if possible)?

    5. Litigation: How to ensure that you are well protected?

    European regulation 261/2004, protects air passengers in case of delay, flight cancellation or overbooking, but it is not applicable in all situations. When the airport of departure is European, no problem of legislation. When it is located outside European borders, the regulation is only applicable if the company actually operating the flight is European.
    Example: A New York-Paris operated by Air France is covered by the regulations. The same flight operated by Delta Airlines is not, because the company is American and leaves from New York.

    Our advice: We must read the name of the company that operates the flight. It may be different from the one that sold you the ticket. This will be a problem in the event of a dispute with the company.

    6. Connecting flights: caution

    Tariff optimization and promotions can lead air passengers to buy their trip by section. In this case, even if the cancellations or delays are not every day, we must remain cautious and know the risks.
    School case given by the services of the website Transindemnit├ęs.com: Mr. X lives in Toulouse and goes on holiday in Thailand. After having compared the prices, he decided to buy a Toulouse – Paris on the site of the low cost company, Easyjet and, separately, a flight Paris – Bangkok, via the site of Thai Airways. His flight Toulouse – Paris is canceled. He misses his correspondence and his flight to Bangkok. Naturally, it is addressed to Easyjet for repair or re-routing to Bangkok. The problem is that, not being on the same ticket, the final destination of Mr. X was not known to Easyjet. The latter may forward to Paris Mr. X but it will pay a new ticket to go to Bangkok.
    Our advice : in case of flight with correspondence, to avoid its inconvenience, it is necessary to buy the whole flight near the same operator. Your final destination on your ticket, if there is a problem on the first leg, the company will have to send you to your final destination.

    7. Flights with or without services (hotel, car rental …)?

    Is it better to take a package or take a flight separately? Beyond the tariff conditions, it is necessary to know the distribution of responsibilities. For the purchase of a dry flight, the responsibility of a cancellation will be carried only by the airline. For the purchase of a package tour, ie a flight plus at least one other service, the tourism code provides that the responsibility lies with the organizer of the package. He is, in fact, responsible for the quality of the services of his various service providers, including the airline.
    8. How to assert your rights?

    To date, there is only one law firm in France defending the rights of passengers against airlines. The Transindemnite firm active in the defense of injured travelers who know their rights. In 2012 alone, 162 million people borrowed from French airports. 4.2 million people suffered, a delay greater than 3 hours, a flight cancellation, or a baggage theft. The European Commission is in the middle of a debate on the new European regulation that should come into being in February 2014. In the meantime, St├ęphane Nakache and Edouard Dieleman know that with the start of the Christmas holidays, they will have some work to do:
    Although we have nine cases out of ten and we have already obtained nearly 150 cases against airlines, we are almost unknown. Yet only two percent of users know their rights in France, It must be said that nothing is done by companies to facilitate the transfer of information. The European regulation is posted obligatorily in the airports in small format, remains to know where? ”
    Source & Credits : Google flight . This website enables you to search the cheapest possible flights and book them instantly over various platforms

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